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Candidate Bios

Candidate Bios

Kimberly Bollin

I have been with Golden Hill as a parent for 9+ years. Every year, I have been a team mom for one or both of my players. The past five years, I have helped my husband with Unocal and FSC snack shack. (Stocking and staffing both). I have helped run the firework stand for three years.  This past season was my fifth year on the Auxiliary board and my fourth year being in charge of the Co-Ed softball tournament.  I am looking forward to many more years with Golden Hill. 

Erin Bedell

League Auxiliary President and Secretary for the last four years and parent in the league for many years.

Scott Belon

Parent and Coach in the league for many years.

Ed Kim 

Board Member for the last two years, and coach and parent in the league for many years. 

Candie Mason 

My name is Candie Mason. I’m a court reporter by day and a baseball/softball mom by night.  My son, Jack, started T-ball at Golden Hill in 2014,  my husband, Aaron, has been helping coach each season, and I’ve always been Team Mom.  Although Aaron coaches varsity boys basketball at Troy High School, we are a baseball family to the core!  Between Golden Hill, the Dodgers, and our daughter, Brooklyn, playing softball, you can pretty much always find us out on a field somewhere.  We are so thankful to be a part of the Golden Hill family!

Maryanne Menvielle

As a parent of two boys who play in the league, our family has enjoyed being a member of the Golden Hill community for the last five years.  Our time with Golden Hill has been filled with wonderful experiences largely due to great coaches, teammates and amazing families.  In addition to teaching at CSUF, I enjoy volunteering in my children’s classrooms at Beechwood and as team parent either for GHLL baseball or Rangers soccer.  I would love to further contribute to the success of the league by serving as a board member.  

Mason Morris

Board member for the last three years, and long time coach and parent in the league.

Gary Simkins

I am a father of two sons that first started playing tball at Golden Hill in 2007.  My oldest, Gary, played at GHLL for 9 years and is now a Junior at Troy High School.  My youngest, Tyler, will be a 12 year old next year in Majors.  I have coached them both.  I have served on the Board for the past four years, and as President of the league for the last three years.  I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve the league that I love.

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