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Golden Hill Little League

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The Golden Hill Little League Junior team (13 and 14 year olds) finished undefeated (20-0) in All-Stars and are the 2019 Junior League World Champions!!! 

We defeated the International champs from the Radames Lopez Little League in Guayama, Puerto Rico, 8-3, to win the 39th annual JLWS on Sunday, August 18, at Heritage Park in Taylor, Michigan.  The win ended a six-year streak of world titles won by Asia-Pacific region teams from Chinese Taipei.

This is Golden Hill's first World Series Championship.

Click HERE for the Junior World Series Bracket

Click HERE for Junior World Series GameChanger page. 

Golden Hill vs. Oklahoma -  Win 6-2

Golden Hill vs. Florida - Win 12-5

Golden Hill vs. Florida - Win, 7-2 (USA CHAMPIONS)

Golden Hill vs. Puerto Rico - Win, 8-3 (WORLD CHAMPIONS)


2019 Little League Junior West Region Tournament

By Golden Hill 07/23/2019, 2:15pm PDT

The Golden Hill Little League Junior team (13 and 14 year olds) is undefeated (16-0) and playing in San Jose representing Southern California in the Little League Junior West Region tournament against the Championship teams from Hawaii, Northern California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming and the Host league.  The winner of this tournament will advance to the Little League Junior World Series in Taylor, Michigan from August 11 - 18.  This is only the second time Golden Hill has played in West Region in our history.  

Click HERE for the Junior West Region Bracket

Click HERE for Junior West Region GameChanger page. 

Click HERE for Livestreaming of games.

All West Region Games at Ida Price Middle School located at 2650 New Jersey Ave, San Jose, CA 95124.

Golden Hill vs. Hawaii (Pearl City LL) -  Won, 9-3

Golden Hill vs. Washington (North Central LL (Seattle) - Won 10-0

Golden Hill vs. Arizona (Sunnyside LL) - Won, 6-2

Golden Hill vs. Oregon (La Grande LL) - Won, 6-0

Golden Hill vs. Northern California (Livermore/Granada LLs) - Won, 13-3

Golden Hill 2019 Junior Western Region Champions. Move on to play in the Junior World Series in Taylor, Michigan

2019 Southern California All-Star Tournaments

By Golden Hill 07/09/2019, 8:45pm PDT

Click HERE for Southern California Brackets 

13/14 (All Southern California Games at Boysen Park in Anaheim)

Golden Hill vs. Upland National - Won, 3-1

Golden Hill vs. Santa Anita - Thurs., Won, 8-7

Golden Hill vs. Redondo Beach - Won, 11-8

Golden Hill vs. Redondo Beach - Won 7-6 (CHAMPIONS)

10/11 (All Southern California Games at Harada Park in Corona)

Golden Hill vs. Huntington Valley - Lost, 16-1

Golden Hill vs. Orangecrest - Lost, 3-1

2019 Section 5 All-Star Tournaments

By Golden Hill 06/30/2019, 10:45am PDT

Click HERE for 2019 Section 5 All-Star Brackets.

13-14s (All Section 5 Games at Fullerton Sports Complex)

Golden Hill vs. Santiago (District 30) - Won, 11-2

Golden Hill vs. Metro (District 29) - Won, 19-2

Golden Hill vs. Metro (District 29) - Won, 10-0 (CHAMPIONSHIP)

11-12s (All Section 5 Games at Lake Athletic Facility in Santa Fe Springs)

Golden Hill vs. Long Beach (District 38) - Won, 5 - 2

Golden Hill vs. Tustin Western - Lost, 2-1

Golden Hill vs. Long Beach - Won, 14-6

Golden Hill vs. Tustin Western - Won, 9-3

Golden Hill vs. Tustin Western - Lost, 4-2 (2nd Place)

10-11s (All Section 5 Games at Hewes Elementary School in Santa Ana)

Golden Hill vs. Long Beach (District 38) - Won, 12-1

Golden Hill vs. Tustin Western (District 30) - Won, 6-4

Golden Hill vs. Tustin Western - Won, 3-2 (CHAMPIONSHIP)

9-10s (All Section 5 Games at Stearns Champions Park in Long Beach)

Golden Hill vs. Long Beach (District 38) - Lost, 13-3

Golden Hill vs. La Mirada (District 29) - Won, 6-2

Golden Hill vs. Long Beach (District 38) - Won, 8-7

Golden Hill vs. Tustin Western (District 30) - Lost 13-0 (2nd Place)

2019 District 56 All-Star Tournament

By Golden Hill 06/11/2019, 7:30am PDT

Come out to the fields this week wearing your black and yellow to support our Golden Hill All Star teams as they compete for District 56 championships.

Click HERE for 2019 District 56 All-Star Brackets.

9-10s (All District 56 Games at Veteran's Park in Yorba Linda)

Golden Hill vs. East Fullerton - Won, 12-1

Golden Hill vs. La Habra - Won, 6-2

Golden Hill vs. West Yorba Linda - Won, 9-7

Golden Hill vs. West Yorba Linda - Won, 13-4 (CHAMPIONSHIP)

10-11s (All District 56 Games at Veteran's Park in Yorba Linda)

Golden Hill vs. Murphy Ranch - Won, 2-0

Golden Hill vs. La Habra - Won, 7-1

Golden Hill vs. West Yorba Linda - Won, 7-1

Golden Hill vs. La Habra - Won, 9-1  (CHAMPIONSHIP)

11-12s (All District 56 Games at Fullerton Sports Complex)  

Golden Hill vs. West Yorba Linda - Won, 10-0

Golden Hill vs.  Whittier - Won, 13-1

Golden Hill vs. East Fullerton - Won, 14-0

Golden Hill vs. East Hills - Lost, 10-3

Golden Hill vs. West Yorba Linda - Won., 14-2 

Golden Hill vs. East Hills - Won, 7-5

Golden Hill vs. East Hills - Won, 3-2 (CHAMPIONSHIP)

13-14s (All District 56 Games at Fullerton Sports Complex)  

Golden Hill vs. Brea - Won, 18-1

Golden Hill vs. Murphy Ranch/La Habra - Won, 10-0

Golden Hill vs. East Fullerton - Won, 6-5

Golden Hill vs. East Fullerton - Won, 9-1 (CHAMPIONSHIP)


By Golden Hill 05/06/2019, 7:45am PDT

Coaches and Parents,

The safety and well-being of all participants in our Little League® program is paramount. As adults, we want to ensure that the young people playing in the Little League program are able to grow up happy, healthy and, above all, safe. Whether they are our children, or the children of others, each of us has a responsibility to protect them.

In 2018, the "Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and SafeSport Authorization Act of 2017" went into effect by the Federal Government. Generally referred to as the SafeSport law, this national law makes it a crime for an individual involved in a national governing body sports organization, including Little League, to ignore, or not report to law enforcement, any reason to suspect an act of child abuse, including sexual abuse, within 24 hours.

The requirements that are necessary to comply with SafeSport are included in the Child Protection Program Policy.

We are committed to adhering to all requirements of the SafeSport Act:

1) We will report all acts of Child Abuse, including sexual abuse involving a minor, to the proper authorities.
2) We have adopted a policy that prohibits retaliation on "good faith" reports of child abuse
3) All volunteers shall complete the Abuse Awareness training provided by USA Baseball and SafeSport

Per Little League International's Regulation 1(c) 8 & 9, as part of the Child Protection Program, we conduct background checks on all board members, managers, coaches, umpires, and other volunteers who have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams.

If you have any questions, please always feel free to contact me, or Little League International directly at 570-326-1921 or

Thank you,
Gary Simkins
President, Golden Hill Little League

What You Need to Know about the New Bat Standard

By Golden Hill 08/08/2017, 1:45pm PDT

Please note that as of January 1, 2018, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard was implemented. Little League-approved baseball bats that are approved for use for the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity starting on January 1, 2018.


Effective February 15, 2018, BBCOR bats are now legal in the Junior division. 

Note: Tee Ball Bats

Starting on January 1, 2018, all Tee Ball bats in the Little League Baseball® Tee Ball program must feature the USA Baseball mark and accompanying text. Tee Ball bats that were produced and/or purchased prior to the implementation of the new standard can be certified using an Approved Tee Ball Sticker (available September 1, 2017) via the USA Baseball Tee Ball Sticker Program for use with approved Tee Ball baseballs for Little League play. Tee Ball bats for Little League Softball® Tee Ball programs must follow the Little League Softball Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Policies

First Advantage Background Checks

By Golden Hill 02/18/2015, 12:45pm PST

GHLL is using First Advantage, a Little League endorsed and recommended service, to perform our background checks this year.

First Advantage performs background checks that include state criminal and sex-registry history information and does not obtain subsequent arrest notification for those individuals.

The sex offender registry data in a few states is obtained through a Name-Only-Search and uses no other identifiers such as date of birth and/or social security number.  If a criminal record is identified in any of these states that use Name-Only-Searches, that person will receive a report from First Advantage® showing that his/her name was identified on a criminal record. Please note, this may or may not be the person for whom the league is conducting a background check.

Please contact GHLL President, Gary Simkins, to obtain additional information about GHLL's background check policy.

Eye Black

By Golden Hill 03/15/2014, 9:45am PDT

Attention parents! Have your kids wanted their eyes painted like the Major Leaguers. Why deal with a messy black eye paint. Purchase your customized Golden Hill Little League eye black stickers. It's as simple stick them on and peel the off with no mess. If you are interested please contact Eric Bollin 714-864-9581 or Kim Bollin 714 864-9587 Eye Black will be delivered to you but if you need it for game time please give them advance notice.

Titan Baseball Academy

If you are looking to get some extra work in hitting, pitching, fielding, or catching please check out the camps and clinics that are offered at CSUF. Use the link below for current information on upcoming camps and clinic. Titan Baseball Academy.
You can also follow Titan Baseball Academy on Twitter where they will post special offers on camps and clinics @CSF_TitanCamps  

Get Your GHLL Stadium Chairs!

Have you been envious of your fellow baseball fans comfortably seated in their very own Golden Hill Little League stadium chairs & wondered how to get your hands on one?  We have chairs available for the great price of $50/ea.  Contact Erin Bedell to arrange payment & delivery.  Stadium chairs make excellent team parent and scorekeeper gifts.  Supplies are limited, so don't miss out!


Little League baseball, which began in 1939, now has over 2.5 million children participating in all 50 states. Organized sports teach kids teamwork and self-esteem, and give some kids a lifelong passion. Baseball, more than any other sport, allows for the opportunity for even the weakest participants to be in a position to win a big game for his or her team.

These are memories people never forget.

Parents, enjoy it all! Soon enough our kids will be grown and all that we will be left with is the memory of a sunny Saturday afternoon at the park with hundreds of kids in their baseball uniforms beaming with excitement and having the time of their lives!

If you would like to volunteer and be a part of Golden Hill Little League, we have many positions available. Your child's team needs volunteers, and the league needs volunteers and our concession stands need volunteers. Thank you to everyone involved with Golden Hill Little League for making this a wonderful time!


Home of the 2019 Junior League World Series Champions !!!

Promoting the spirit of Little League Baseball.
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