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Will there be a season? As of today, the CA Department of Health only allows social distance practicing. However, GHLL anticipates updated guidance by the state and local officials that will allow us to launch our season in the spring.

Update 11/16 :  While Orange County was placed into the most restrictive tier (purple) today by CA Health leaders, our stance remains the same. We are still awaiting updated youth sports guidelines to launch our season in a timely manner. In fact, Governor Newsom did state that youth sports guidelines to return to play have been finalized, however the recent spike in COVID cases have caused the release of those guidelines to be put on pause. Once OC conditions improve, GHLL expects baseball to be able to resume as we know it - albeit it with some new protocols.

Did the registration price increase? No, the cost actually decreased $5 for Rookie to Juniors and even more so for those who have multiple family members in the league via our automatic sibling discount at checkout (early registration only). Unfortunately because of anticipated COVID protocols, we can't count on the revenue from snack shacks or contact-based fundraisers. So volunteer opportunities associated with these items are unavailable this year to offset what it costs for a player in GHLL.

2020 : $145 + $45 (snack shack) + $50 (fundraiser) = $240

2021 : $235 + $0 (snack shack) + $0 (fundraiser) = $235

T-Ball was an even greater decrease as GHLL is determined to make sure that we get as many as the littles in Fullerton involved in sports again after a year off!

Why is there not an option to work snack shack to reduce player costs by $45 as there has been in the past? As GHLL must prepare an estimated budget for the season in November, we have to work with the known. As of today, we can't see a path to being able to operate snacks shacks with COVID protocols and the potential liabilities associated with.

Why is there not an option to sell candy or similar to reduce player costs by $50 as there has been in the past? As GHLL must prepare an estimated budget for the season in November, we have to work with the known. As of today, we can't see a path to offering contact-based fundraisers with COVID protocols and the potential liabilities associated with.

How will NO revenue producing fundraisers, snack shacks, or Angel Day/Titan Night financially impact  GHLL in 2021? In a normal year, these revenue generating items help create a surplus for GHLL that allows the league to constantly improve our player experience for years to come.  This includes equipment upgrades, Unocal Field upgrades, and discounted off-season baseball opportunities to name a few. Unfortunately, we are not projecting a surplus as a result.  Rather, we anticipate a slight loss that will be made up by reserves from years past.

Will there be future fundraising opportunities to offset the cost of registration? Possibly. We are looking into several contactless fundraising opportunities that may assist in offsetting registration fees for those families seeking financial help. If and when they become available, we will inform all participants of our league.

Can you simplify the refund policy for me? Sure!

Situation #1 : League can't launch because CA Department of Health and local governing bodies continue current policy of "socially distance practice" only.

  1. The league will not incur any costs associated with a player until the season starts (player evaluations is official start).
  2. The season can't start until we received updated guidance from the CA Department of Health and other local governing bodies. As such, we won't have player evaluations (official season start) until guidance is given. 
  3. Therefore, if a season can't start we don't incur any costs associated with a player and can thus give full refunds.

Situation #2 :  Updated guidance given, season launches, but unforeseen COVID spike forces a shutdown?

  1. Because the season would have started (player evaluations) as a result of updated guidance, costs would be incurred by the league associated with players.
  2. Therefore, any refund associated with a shutdown after start would have to be calculated based on costs incurred for a player at the moment of a shutdown. As most of our costs are triggered upon season start, the refunds would be minimal in such an instance

Situation #3 : We changed our mind and don't want to play

  1. If you changed your mind BEFORE a season launches, you would get a full refund minus a $25 processing fee
  2. If you changed you mind AFTER a season launches, you will not be entitled to a refund.


If the season started tomorrow, could we play games? No. The current guidelines for youth sports in the State of California does not currently permit games, scrimmages, or tournaments...for any sport. Only socially distance practicing within stable cohorts is allowed. However, we do anticipate the guidelines changing (for baseball at least) after the start of the year that will allow games.

Why are we launching registration before updated guidance? As noted above, GHLL expects to get updated guidance on youth sports from the CA Department of Health after the start of the year that will allow us to launch our season on time.  As such, we need to prepare well in advance to assure that our season is a success. In other words, we have to prepare like any other season and the 1st week of November is when we always launch registration.

What happens if they don't update the guidance by January 16th, the current projected start of our season? GHLL will continue to push the start of our season until updated "return to play" guidance is given. Pushing these dates allows us to make sure that not only our season schedule flows properly, but safeguards your financial commitment by assuring FULL refunds in the unforeseen event that a season can't be played.

How long could we push the season start? We are comfortable with pushing the start of a season all the way to May 1st. In the unlikely event that this happens, we would offer a Training & Development program in the interim.

What will change, on the field,  because of COVID protocols? Much of that will be determined once we see updated guidelines. As baseball is one of the easier team sports to make compliant, we don't expect significant changes to achieve normal game play.

What will change, off the field, because of COVID protocol? We can expect a different 2021 in years past off the field. Opening Day, Snack Shacks, Fundraisers, Angel Day, Titan Night, and a slew of other events will either not occur or look very different as a result of COVID. At its core, GHLL is a baseball organization. Our sole goal for 2021 is to assure that we play baseball. With that will come many necessary protocols to launch, continue, and to keep the children as safe as is reasonably possible. To that end, all efforts that may have gone into these "off the field" events will be put into playing and playing safely.

What COVID protocols will GHLL be implementing for the 2021 Season? Again, much of that will depend on updated guidelines. We do know however that we will be likely implementing temperature checks prior to games starts, mass distribution of PPE to coaches, and a detailed internal COVID tracking and reporting system for instances of self reported positive cases, close contacts, or COVID symptom onsets. 

Why have I seen other organizations playing games on Fullerton fields or heard of travel baseball tournaments being played in Southern California?  Games, of any kind, are not permissible in Fullerton, Orange County, or the State of California under the current CA Department of Health Youth Sports Guidelines. Any organization playing games (mixing stable cohorts)  is not associated with Little League . Most of these organizations are not permitted to be using fields by the city. All of these organizations are only allowed to be socially distance practicing in stable cohorts (no games, tournaments, or scrimmages),  according to all governing bodies in the State of California.  Any organizations doing anything outside of these guidelines are doing so at their own legal and health risk.